Roh Island


A man claiming to be a royal emissary has assassinated the Lord Alric Asheford, the Warden of the Eastern Plains in his own keep. Lord Alric leaves behind his widow and three children, the oldest of which, Lord Luc Axton, will now await confirmation for his father’s place.

The Finishing Touch

The adventurers were able to finally reach the island camp of the orcs, dispatching the troops with ease until they reached the orc leader who was able to deal some damage to some of the party before being subdued. Along the way the learned that the orcish camp had been struck at the location of Mariah and her mother’s home, and that her mother had been seriously wounded during the island’s occupation. They will next head back to the keep to report the completion of the mission.

A Surprise Attack

A new member, Olivine the human fighter was introduced to the group and after a trip into town the group left heading east into the wood towards the Lake. They followed the lead of Mariah, but unfortunately were ambushed by a lone wolf. The wolf launched a surprise attack on the young witch, dropping her instantly with one savage bite to the leg, the party then combined efforts to knock out the wolf. They managed to stabilize both the wolf and Mariah, bringing them back to the keep for rest.


The party left Fort Ash and traveled south following a report of a caravan attack. After reaching the scene of the attack the Paladin of Cromes, Ailbhe, discovered a trail leading into the woods that had clearly been used by the orcs. The group followed the trail into the forest, with Hiyodori the Kitsune scouting ahead from the safety of the woods. Unfortunately, two orcs were still able to nearly surprise the group.

Ailbhe was able to spot them before they could, and battle ensued. Mariah the woods with and Hero the blind monk teamed up to eliminate one orc, while Ailbhe and Hiyodori took out the other. The party then returned to the fort to get more information and plan their night-time attack.

A Calling

Attention People of Roh:

At the request of Lord Alric Ashforde a calling is issued for any men and women who wish to assist the Warden of the Eastern Plains in dealing with a menace within his Province. At the encouragement of King Aren this issue will be spread across the Province and neighboring states, so that any and all interested parties may be given a chance to participate.

An orcish excursion is reported to have recently landed on the Red Bay coast, and steps now must be taken to prevent their menace from disrupting the lives of civilized human settlements. Any and all interested parties should report to Ash Keep, Province of the Eastern Plains, within a fortnight.

-Ser Velliun Redhand


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