The capital of Roh and now it’s largest city, Calammad is a a lake-port on the Lake of the same name. It is also the seat of the Royal family with the Royal Castle standing tall in the midst of the city.

The city started as a trading base due to it’s location in the middle of the island. And with access to both the Lake and River, continued to develop into a large trading hub. It is famous for it’s open air markets near the dockfront, as well as a variety of inns. It is also the home to most of the island guild headquarters and nearly every Lordship has a manse somewhere in the city.

Current population estimates some 3000+ individuals, though that estimate is likely low.

The Castle itself is situated on a small island where the river flows from the lake. It is accessible via two draw bridges, which in this time of peace are usually lowered at all times. The Royal Family is almost always in residence.

Places of Interest:
Port of Calammad: Famous for their large open air market and of course the dockside taverns.
Annie’s Castle Inn: Annie’s has two locations, one on either side of the river, near to the castle.
Riverside Hearth: A small inn and tavern near the river, it is supposed as the place where the revolution for an independent Roh was begun.


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