Originally colonized by the Elves of Elvirill and then re-colonized by traders from Astera, Roh is still an infant in terms of development.

The original rulers of Roh were a council of Merchants elected by the merchant guild of Astera. They saw to warehousing and guarding of stores on the island, and also set up expeditions across the central plains and into the Gray Mountains. However, as more people began to live permanently on the island, distant rule became more and more difficult maintain, and eventually a successful revolt led to the crowning of King Luc Axton. The Axton’s ruled the island well for 9 generations until the Bay Plague spread across Roh, killing the young King Alac and also his two children.

Sovereignty passed by right to Alac’s aunt, Sasha Redhand, who passed the title of King to her husband Aren Redhand, Lord of the Marsh. Thus beginning the Redhand Rule.

Recently, rumors have begun to swirl that the Redhand family took advantage of the Bay Plague to poison King Alac and his children in order to gain the throne. There is also some discontent amongst the Lords of Roh as the Redhand family now directly controls two of the ten provinces of the Island.


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