The Royal Family

The Royal Family of Roh is now in it’s third generation as rulers of the Island. The family has been widely regarded as fair if old minded and is generally well-liked across the island. The current King Roh is Aren Redhand, third of his name.

The Royal Family
King Aren Redhand III – 32, King Aren succeeded his father as the King of Roh in his 25th year, and his rule has been marked by peace.
Queen Elianna Redhand – 30, Formerly Elianna Titan, she is the daughter of Hands Titan, the Lord of Port Arian.
>>_Prince Aren Redhand IV_ – 13, Calm, quiet, and intelligent.
>>_Prince Verne Redhand_ – 10, Chubby and amicable, good with a blade.
>>_Princess Lysa Redhand_ – 9, Polite and inquisitive.

King Roh’s brothers, nephews and neices
Velliun Redhand – Lord Commander of the Royal Army, nominal head of the City Guard
>> Lahn Redhand – 10, a stout boy well known among the guards for troublemaking
>> Alan Redhand – 7, whip thin and quiet.
August Redhand – Master of Coin, a scholar.
>> Sera Redhand – 5, a young child

Queen Elianna’s family
Hands Titan – 46, Lord Protector of Port Arian, Warden of the Black Forest
May Titan – 45, formerly a commoner
Aren Titan – 24, Named for King Aren II; Portmaster Arian
>> Naile Titan – 3, an infant
Marcus Titan – 19, A young knight.
Alexis Titan – 15, A maid recently flowered.

The Royal Family

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