Warden of the Eastern Plains

The Warden of the Eastern Plains is Lord Alric Ashforde. A hearty and strong man in his mid-thirties.

His wife: Lady Elmyra Ashforde (33)
Their children: Luc Ashforde (15) A young man and a commander of troops in his father’s service.
Lacey Ashforde (13) A budding young girl
Marc Ashforde (10) A boy

His captain of guard: Ser Austen Oak
His second: Ser Ellis of Ash

His steward: Marshall Thane

Lord Alric is well known to be stauntly against the current ruling family, a feud that dates back to before the Redhand family took the throne when the families were neighboring wardens. Border skirmishes over territory were common.

The Asheforde family is an old family on Roh. Old and rich, they have their hands in trading on both Astera and Elvirill.

Warden of the Eastern Plains

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